About Counselling & Psychotherapy

The cause of not feeling ok emotionally can be due to any number of situations and can include the memory of traumatic events, the death of someone you know, problems with your relationships, at work or at home or feeling that something is just not right.

You may be facing a major change or having to make a difficult choice. If you are feeling alone and don’t want to talk to friends or family then talking to a counsellor may help.

Visit the BACP How to Find a Therapist page on this link  www.bacp.co.uk/about-therapy/how-to-find-a-therapist. This page will give you plenty of useful and independent information about counselling and psychotherapy, giving you the ideal opportunity to explore this information in your own time.

I work face to face with people who are seeking either long term or short term counselling for a wide range of issues. These include: low self-esteem, low confidence, relationships, difficult life events, anxiety, stress, and depression as well as more specialist areas of abuse, addiction, domestic abuse, emotional eating, loss and bereavement and the effects of traumatic events.

I will meet you for a first session at which we can discuss your needs and how best to meet these. Following this initial discussion, you choose to continue if you wish to.

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